VM 280/4 - 360°/T/EL


Basic description:

  • Main supporting steel structure with a multipositional suspension
  • Pneumatically rotating suction cups with max. angle 90°
  • Four suction cups 300 mm in diameter
  • manually telescopically adjustable suction cups with locking
  • vacuum pump - design (400V three-phase system)
  • the vacuum tank ensures safe lifting of the load even in the event of an unexpected failure of the compressed air.
  • GRIP/ RELEASE the load through a manual valve conveniently located on the VM control handle
  • double-acting control for mechanical load extraction via manual valve (electromagnetic - via spiral push-button controller - extra charge)
  • ROTATION by 0° / 360° - manually
  • spiral hose for connecting a manipulator up to 3 meters
  • quick-clamping system el. connection via connector


The vacuum manipulator VM 280/4-360°/T/EL js a handy littlegrasping device that allows you to grasp and handle large-sized flat loads upto 280 kg in a vertical position within the work area, which is given by therange of the lifting equipment (crane or any other lifting device) the grasperwill be suspended on. zavesený.

Potential types of loads to be handled:

  • Glass plates and boards
  • Steel sheets, boards and non-ferrous metals (includingnon-magnetic)
  • Plastic plates and boards
  • Stone with grinded surface
  • Wooden plates and boards covered with air-tight finish


  • Simple – very convenient anddedicated device that is easy to operate
  • Reliable high reliability and minimal maintenance are ensured
  • Safe safety guaranteed in every situation
  • Medium - 3 PE (PEN) 400VAC/50Hz/15VAC

Basic technical information:

Maximum load capacity280 kg (with negative pressure –0.6 bar (-60 kPa))
Designed for manipulationin vertical position, to be lifted on a lifting device
Weight65 kg
Max. dimensions of load2500x2500 mm
Min. dimensions of load900x700 mm
Power supply3 PE (PEN) 400VAC/50Hz/15VAC

Information table:

Number of suction cups / diameter (mm)MAX: CAPACITY(kg)WEIGHT (kg)Overall width (mm)Overall depth (mm)Overall height (mm)
Suction cup area (mm)Suction cup spacing (mm)
851x661 94 až 444

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