Basic description:

  • main supporting steel structure with two-point suspension
  • twelve suction cups with dimensions of 400x100 mm
  • manually adjustable suction cups in the "x" axis
  • vacuum pump - design (400V three-phase system, or 230V single-phase system)
  • vacuum tank ensures safe lifting of the load even in the event of an unexpected power failure of the pump
  • acoustic and visual signalisation of insufficient vacuum in suction cups
  • GRIP/ RELEASE the load through a manually sliding locking vacuum valve conveniently located on the VM control handle
  • double-acting control to release the load mechanically (electromagnetically using a spiral-button control - for asurcharge)
  • spiral cable for connecting the handler up to 3 m
  • quick-clamping system of electrical connection via a connector
  • possibility to manually adjust the handles 90 ° to the left and 90 ° to the right
  • integrated stand for parking the device - out of working hours


The vacuum manipulator VM 400 / 10-4000 is a handy gripping device that allows you to grip and handle long narrow loads up to 400 kg in a horizontal position in the working space, which is given by the reach of the lifting device (crane or other lifting device) on which it will be suspended.

Potential types of loads to be handled:

  • wooden narrow and long boards, prisms (even after gater)
  • narrow and long bar profiles, I profiles, or H profiles (also non-magnetic)
  • narrow and long plastic materials
  • narrow and long stone materials


  • Simple - a very practical and purpose-built device with simple operation
  • Variable - possibility to manually and easily adjust the transverse beams and the suction cups themselves after the beam
  • Reliable - guarantees high reliability and minimal maintenance
  • Safe - guaranteed safe in every situation

Basic technical information:

Maximum lifting capacity400 kg (with negative pressure –0.6 bar (-60 kPa))
Designed for manipulationin horizontal position, to be lifted on a lifting device
Weight245 kg
Max. load dimensions8000x1000 mm
Min. load dimensions1000x100 mm
Power supplya) 3+PE (PEN) 400VAC/50Hz/15VAC
b) 1+N+PE 230VAC/50Hz/24VDC

Information table:

Number of suction cups / diameter (mm)LOAD CAPACITY (kg)WEIGHT (kg)Lenght (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)
12/400x1004002454553700869 (1551)

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